How to draw face for Beginners / EASY WAY TO A REALISTIC FACE

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Duration: 14:50

By Farjana Drawing Academy

How to draw a face easily. pencil name: DOMS (ZOOM ULTIMATE DARK) pencil

How to draw a face for beginners is very easy way

Learn to draw a shot face for beginners with simple steps

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  1. Tonni art and craft says

    wooow very cute portrait masha allha

  2. rasul abdul says

    இந்த வறைபடம் உன் முகஅழகை காட்டுகிறது நீ இப்படி ஒரு அழகி என்று..!!

  3. Salman Mehmood says

    I made it

  4. I Am A Bookworm says

    That moment when a drawing looks prettier than you…T.T

  5. Aliyar Allu says

    I have no words
    Hike your talent
    Love you

  6. Dilip Lal says

    Very nice👌👌

  7. WA Q AR says


  8. Naresh M says


  9. filfel kids says

    Good morning, my friend

    This video is very cool

    big like

  10. Jufar Ali says

    Nice draw

  11. Payal Dhangar says

    Very nice

  12. Golu sharma sharma says

    Keya aapka number milega mujhe bhi Art sikhana hai

  13. Kamal Singh says

    Please upload more this type videos ☺️☺️☺️

  14. Jana Morad says

    your drawinqs are relly good

  15. Asit Datt says

    Mante hoy apnader

  16. Basangari Santhosh says


  17. David Sheikh says

    Face bnana gunaah hai kia kisi ko ye pta hai agr nhi pata to is msg ko prrh kr zra aihtiyat karin shukariya!!!!!!

  18. Laali Malhewal says

    Waaah ,,,,,it's amazing

  19. Sangeetha sangeetha says


  20. Rockers Zone says


  21. alamine fan says

    Plz make pencil sketch of siddharth nigam

  22. SRK Drawing says


  23. Khandakar Tv says

    I want to exercise from you

  24. Kabootar Udaan says


  25. Sumita Das says


  26. Faizan Zaidi says

    Salamun alykum ma'am..
    Can you teach me..

  27. Umesh Das says

    very nice girl sketch

  28. Jash Panchal says

    No one gives importance to art nowadays. Everyone want white collar jobs. But art is so unique.

  29. Swarup Majhi says

    How to join your academy

  30. Sahab Khan says

    Ek number drowing

  31. Annu Prajapati says

    So nice painting

  32. n4n42008 n4n42008 says

    Awsome! You draw perfect!😘

  33. Mohan M says

    it is very beautiful

  34. Ajeet Raj says

    Ajeet Kumar

  35. Kailash Nath says

    "Thanks you" very simple trik

  36. Farman Behlim says

    Tell me pencil name

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